We are Hello!


Well, Hello there!

Chances are if you are reading this, you are either in need of a person (we cover the male, female and feline species) for a project you are working on. Or maybe you stumbled by looking for a friendly face. We are not going to question your internet searches if it brought you here.

Whatever it is, the answer lies with us. There are oh-so-many components when it comes to a creative project. We know, we have been there…the search is elusive, the process tedious, but we understand how essential it is to find that perfect face for your project. So Hello – that is where we come in! With our start-to-end casting and talent management support, you can set yourself free to focus on the other nitty gritty details of your production.

Simply put, is your one-stop agency for all casting related needs. We are confident in our team, our wealth of experience and take pride in the depth and diversity of our past projects; and believe that we are more than able to handle whatever you throw at us.


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